My Background With HAIR Rx

My interest for a healthy scalp has been an exciting journey in my career.

I’m an artistic designer in the medium of hair.

It’s a common practice to listen to clients desire for their hair style,  then work my magic to provide the image they vision.  However, as we mature the hair structure changes.  The most common change is that the density of hair decreases.   The result is the style just doesn’t look like it used to.   I could explain the reason why this is happening, but I just didn’t have the long term solution.  Thus began my quest to find an answer: “How do I keep the hair growing on the head so I have something to work with?”  It was always so hard to inform clients that I understood what they wanted their hair to do but they simply did not have the hair like they used to.

NIIOXIN RESEARCH was one of the first companies to produce a system of products that addressed the issue of thinning hair and maintaining a healthy scalp.  For about 15 years I reached out for all the education I was able to get from the company and their educators as I had seen excellent results on many individuals.  However, it did have limitations where the product line could only perform so far as it was a cosmetic  It has been and is still and excellent product……but I wanted MORE.

Over time I came across a number of snake oils from the traveling medicine show.  A lot of talk but not the results I expected.  I hit the wall where I really needed answers.

Then in 2006 I almost exited the scene of life.  I had a heart attack and had it not been for where I was and the immediate medical attention I would not be here writing this today.  I’m so grateful to have made it through that very challenging turning point in life.  My continual survival now depends on carefully controlling the medications that keep all the body working properly.  That’s the good part.  The down side is that they take a toll on the scalp and hair.


I have a combination of issues.  Thinning hair and hair loss is a genetic curse in the family.  Added to that is the side effects of the medications.


One day I was sitting down and a client remarked that I was really getting bald in the back.  Trust me – those are not good words to say to your hairdresser, no matter how true they are.   That was when I began to quickly purchase hair and cover my “bald” head.  Most people did not know I was wearing hair as I learned how to blend it in.  I was quite aware of it however and growing more concerned as my hair loss continued.

In 2009 I was providing my opinion on Social Media on Nioxin Research and its value for salons.  During the discussion I began communicating with Jeff from Jag Laser Hair Solutions in California.  Jeff has also been in the industry for years and very knowledgeable in scalp health.  As our discussions progressed he informed me of a system for keeping the scalp clean, nourished and blocking the chemistry that creates the hair follicle from shrinking and disappearing.  It made sense to me.  However, having tried many “snake oils” my reserved self simply gave it months of consideration.  With the hair loss continuing I thought I might as well give it a try.  For the first year I used the system just as Jeff suggested.  I made a promise to myself that I would not count the hairs on my head on an hourly basis (not that I’m a bit compulsive) – but just go on with life.

To my amazement I actually did see a difference.  Within six months I was seeing noticeable improvement.  I actually felt comfortable enough to put my hairpiece aside and start wearing my own hair.  Granted it was not perfect – but I was comfortable and confident enough that I could do it.

The next year I began to share my experience and introduce it to my clients.  I had individuals who had family thinning hair issues and many clients that were going through Chemotherapy.  In all cases their scalp health was an issue and their results were very good.

The next year I brought in the cool laser light therapy.  Yes, as you can tell I don’t jump in the lake head first, I slowly walk in.   I knew about the cool laser light therapy from traveling to hair conferences in Chicago and Orlando.  I knew it would work – but I wanted to first test the products to see if they would stand alone, and then complement the results with the cool laser light therapy.   Once again, it proved very positive.


The recent add on is introducing the microscope to enlarge the view of the scalp and determine how the scalp health is progressing.  We’re able to observe area’s being unblocked and hair emerging.  We see   area’s we need to clean further.  We also see scarring where the damage is beyond repair and the hair loss is permanent.

It’s all so very interesting and encouraging.


My belief in HAIR Rx is based on a long research process with my own interest as the motive.

Now I would like  to share the results and make it available for all those who want to keep their scalp as healthy as possible so they can have the best head of hair they can!