Men's Hair Replacement

For the man who wants the hair he used to have (or maybe never had): We make it affordable, simple and easy to return to a full head of hair.

We use real human hair for the best possible look. The hair is bonded to the scalp using a medical grade adhesive. You will wear your new hair 24 hours a day for a period of four to six weeks. It will depend on how well you care for your new hair and your personal activity.

Is it expensive?

We work to make it affordable.  Initially we will provide you with one unit for $600.  This will include bonding the hair and designing it to disappear and become realistic.  On your next appointment we will again do the same service for an additional $600.  The second appointment will be with another new unit.  This will allow you to always have a backup. You can now be anxiety free knowing you will always have hair.  Thereafter each appointment will be for $95.  This includes removing the unit of hair, cleansing and prepping the scalp for a fresh attachment along with trimming your own hair.  In this manner we will clean and prepare your unit of hair for your next visit.

Are there additional charges if the hair wears out and I need a new one?

Each additional unit will be provided for a 10% discount.  We are aware that as you become comfortable with your hair and knowledgeable on how to care for your hair you will know when you desire new hair.

Am I under contract?

We believe you should have a choice and not be bound to something you do not want.  For this reason there is no written contract.  You are not required to purchase a certain number of services per year.  Since each individual’s hair can grow at a different rate, we will recommend a certain time period, possibly 5 weeks, between appointments.  We have found this is a reasonable amount of time for the average individual regarding their hair growth and the amount of time the adhesive will reasonably work.  You may find that you need to have the services sooner or can actually go longer – we will work with you.

We also provide hair systems for daily wear.  These systems are attached with clips or tape and allow you the option of wearing your hair when you desire.  Prices will vary due to the construction.


For a complimentary consultation

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