How to Select a Wig

Wearing hair is an option for men, women and children who are undergoing hair loss for a temporary or long-term basis. There are three major details that require consideration to provide for your comfort and enjoyment:


Your wig or hairpiece requires specific sizing just like your other clothing items. It is important to know the size to optimize the comfort of your new hair.  Head sizes vary from 19” – 23”+ inches in adult heads and individual head shapes will also determine whether you can purchase ready to wear or require a custom fit wig.


The hair you wear is designed to accentuate your personal hairstyle. Although synthetic hair is limited to minor style changes human hair wigs are designed to be flexible. Additionally, hair goods come in full, partial, or small section coverage to meet your individual needs.


Choosing the color of your hair goods is a critical and final piece of the selection process. It’s also a great time to engage a professional eye for guidance. Most hair goods are made in twenty or more colors that accentuate certain hair styles. During the process of selecting a pre-made wig, some color choices may be limited, while custom made wigs can match your size, style and color.