How Ted Became a Wig Master

Ted is often asked:  “How did you get interested in doing wigs?”

His answer …

When I began in the hair industry human hair wigs were a standard item for many individuals.  It was common for ladies to have a human hair wig and a huge carrying case to place the wig in while traveling or else for storage.

Naturally, it would seem appropriate for my own Mother to have such a fashion statement for her life.  After all, she was a farmer’s wife on the plains of North Dakota and her demanding social calendar must require such!

Well, it was a good excuse for me to begin my practice. Little did I know at the time what a learning tool she would be.

My mother was a very short 4’10” individual.  Added to this was the fact that she was a surviving twin.  The result was that she had such an extremely small head that the normal size wig was just huge on her tiny head.  Therefore, I began my career as a tailor, not on clothes but on wigs.

The next decade brought the invention of synthetic hair. This created another fashion trend as everyone must have a minimum of one wig to complete their work week before the visit to the salon for their “weekly shampoo set”. This was a learning experience as I began to work with fiber that resembled hair.

Family and clients urged the next learning curve and search.  By this time, health issues and genetic hair loss moved me to try “fixing” the problem by finding the best in wigs and hairpieces.  I literally spent years researching the different manufacturers and sources for purchasing hair. They each had their good points and limitations as I sorted at great expense to time and money. My demands as a perfectionist were put to the test. I just could not settle for less than the best.


The last decade plus has truly moved me to where I am today.

My connection to the various cancer centers, alopecia groups and continual referrals from pleased clients has challenged me to search for and find answers and options for a large variety of replacement options.

I now search the globe to find the best product and prices.  I’ve expanded my training and found skilled craftsmanship to assist in providing client satisfaction. I’ve added my training in hair design, perm waving, and hair coloring on clients with hair to the hair goods that individuals will wear.  It’s all an attempt to provide a feeling of comfort when an individual is required to wear hair, no matter the reason.

It’s a passion!  I’m privileged to be in a field that brings comfort and confidence to an individual when they feel they can look their best.

I am very blessed.