Duplicating Natural Curly Hair


Whether you have naturally straight hair or a wig that is too straight – it can be changed!

The procedure you see in these six photo’s details how I create hair that looks like natural curl. The process is called “restructuring”.

The top two photos show the natural hair that has no curl and is simply straight.

The first step in restructuring is to change the bonds of the hair by processing them with a solution that will soften the hair and make the hair into a soft but firm wave. (Middle photo on left)

When the hair is softened to the proper degree the action of the solution is stopped and the hair is rinsed.  Now the creative design begins.  The hair can then be transferred to a larger roller and directed to the desired style.  (Middle photo on right)

After the hair has taken on the shape of the larger roller, a locking agent is applied to firm the hair to the desired curl.

The photo’s on the bottom show the desired results.  The hair is best air dried and formed into place.  Yes, you can now create any hairstyle you desire with the build in body and volume.

This technique and other can be used on human hair wigs.