About Ted

Ted Halone’s describes his journey in hairdressing as interesting, challenging and above all, satisfying. It is an expression of his passion for the creative art and design in the unique medium of hair.

There is a saying, “Fashion is education of the eye”. New trends in hair may be initially appear strange to the eye, but with time it becomes “normal” and soon becomes “out of date”. Through Ted’s long career in the industry he has experienced many transitions through evolutions of style.

When he started his career, a defining design expression was, “The higher the hair the closer to God”. He began mastering the art of creative design of hair during his college years, winning many styling competitions. As he progressed, design trends changed to the fashion of “curl” through chemicals. Pushing his artistic mastery to the limit, he then expanded his education and training under Peter Hantz, the perm guru of the 80’s . During this design era, he earned a degree as a “Master Dean of Education”. He became a part of the  National Design Team and  traveled around the U.S. as an educator and platform artist teaching the art of Perm Waving along with hair cutting by anatomy.

When the curls trend phased out, Hair Color became the new fashion statement. Ted was selected to become a member of the National Design Team for Perma of Paris aka Eugene-Perma. During this time, he continued traveling to teach, train and demonstrate the art of hair color. It wouldn’t be long before life changes brought a new focus to the fashion world.

Working with wigs and hairpieces has been a part of the salon services throughout the decades. Over time, necessity drove consumer demand and Ted prioritized his focus to specialize in wigs, hairpieces and maintaining scalp health.  All of the artistic elements he learned over the previous decades were  now combined to bring perming, hair cutting, and hair color to the wigs and hairpieces.

Ted doesn’t think of himself as the common “hair stylist”.  The self inflicted demand for perfection has developed him into a master of artistic  hair design. Whether you grow your hair for fashion and design, or you choose to wear hair that is fashionably designed, Ted considers it a privilege to assist you.   His desire is to  focus on taking care of your scalp, so you can have beautiful hair.  It  is truly forward thinking to care your scalp health.  Ted will work to  keep you informed  on the latest developments in scalp and hair treatment.

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