Ask yourself these questions …

Did you know you can have hair that will be as close to natural curl as you can get?
Have you ever had a perm that was so tight you thought it would never leave – but wish it would because you couldn’t work with it?
Have you ever had a perm that was a big perfect curl to begin – with but left much too fast?

Rod-to-Roller Transfer Perming

If you answered yes to one or more, then “Rod-to-Roller Transfer Perming” is what you’re looking for. It’s a technique I’ve used successfully for nearly 20 years. It takes the best of the worst and makes it ideal.

What I mean is: I take the long lasting power of the too-tight perm, and the size of the big curl — combine them and WOW — you’ve got the perm you always wanted. The end result: Big Natural Looking Curls with the strength and holding power of the small rod. It’s awesome.

Yes, It’s more time consuming [2 1/2 hours] — it’s very technical and it has limitations as to whom it will work best on …but it works beautifully.

Note: this highly technical procedure is used on natural hair and also on wigs.